Due To An Overwhelming Response For Reservations We Are No Longer Accepting Reservations At These Prices

We have temporarily withdrawn advertising the availability of reservations for SnoCadia building envelopes.  You may feel free to complete reservation forms.  We will use the information you provide us and contact you when we are again ready to offer reservations or offer our building envelopes for sale.  Thank you for your interest in SnoCadia!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new gated community

SnoCadia PUD consists of One Hundred Twelve (112) single family building envelopes and Twelve (12) condo clusters.  Each condo cluster consists of ten condo unit envelopes, for a total of One Hundred Twenty (120) condos in the PUD.  Twenty Six (26) single family building envelopes and Three (3) condo clusters were removed from pre-sales price inventory and are not currently on offer for reservation.  Limited advertising began on January 23rd, 2008 offering reservations for SnoCadia building envelopes.

On February 12, 2008, Sixty Six (66) of the One Hundred Twelve (112) single-family building envelopes are reserved.  Of those available for reservation, Twenty (20) currently remain.  Nine (9) of the Twelve (12) ten unit condo clusters are reserved and no more remain available for reservation assignment to a specific individual.  One person is on the reserved waiting list for a Condo Cluster should any of those previously reserved become available for reservation.

We appreciate the overwhelming reservation interest.   Building envelope reservations are offered subject to the Terms and Conditions on this web site. Predevelopment prices now being offered for reserve are:

Single Family building envelope



Condo envelopes sold in 10 unit clusters



Developer financing is available on approved credit, at the time of purchase. Reservations require no deposit or payment and are NONTRANSFERABLE as per the Terms and Conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once units available are completely reserved, you may continue to fill out the reservation form indicating what type of envelope you would like to reserve in SnoCadia.  We will maintain your information on file. Please provide us with a current E-mail address and phone number so that we may advise you of overall progress being made in SnoCadia as well as to inform you if the envelope you would like to reserve should become available.  If those who have envelopes reserved change their plans or do not act on their reservation when offered to opportunity to do so, you will immediately advance in priority as per the Terms and Conditions set forth.  We have 12 to 18 months of work, process and procedure, given winter seasons, before we reach the stage from which we may offer building envelopes for actual sale. Thank you for your interest in SnoCadia.

No Completed Condos are being offered now. You may, however, indicate your interest on the reservation form for a completed condo and we will maintain your reservation form and your priority and provide SnoCadia approved builders and architects with this information.

Condos-02.12.08 SF-of-12
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If you have an interest in our project we would like to hear from you. While we are no longer accepting reservations, we will provide you with a form on which you may express your interest.

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