Two typical building envelope arrangements are highlighted in green circles labeled A and B. In circle A are 4 building envelopes each of which has an area of 2,400 sq. ft within which a housing unit shall be constructed. The four envelops are clustered around a common drive which is 40 feet in width and, for this particular cluster, is in excess of 110 feet in length.

In Circle B are two building envelopes which share a 20 ft. wide drive which, in this instance, is over 70 ft. long. These envelopes shall typically be 50 ft wide by 48 ft. wide. Final plat surveys together with location specific topography may dictate a final envelope arrangement this has a slightly different combination of length and width but shall contain no more than 2,400 square feet of construction space.

The massing of buildings in this fashion provides maximum actual and visual open space while  providing an ideal arrangement for family and or friends to have their own personal enclave within SnoCadia while maintaining the privacy and standalone character of separate living units. The private drives shall be surfaced with reinforced grass pavers to insure minimum impervious surfaces and a rural natural character in keeping with the surroundings of natural vegetation.


A typical SnoCadia roadway section is shown below. Interior roadways shall be 22 feet wide and built to Rural Private Roadway Standards. The surface shall be Asphalt Concrete (ACP) and Bituminous Surface Treatment (BST) Pavements. The plan is to construct a trail system on one of the roadway shoulders to serve in all seasons. Given heavy snow loads in the Snoqualmie area, until the snow removal plan for SnoCadia is complete, this drawing is illustrative.

One of the preliminary plans is to utilize the down slope area east of the condominiums which includes the holding ponds as a major snow storage area to enable maintaining one side of the internal roadways free of the typical “wall of snow’ currently found in residential developments on the pass.

To enable year round access and occupancy of SnoCadia, snow removal equipment is essential. It is envisioned that the Home Owners Association will employ staff who will provide onsite security and, during the winter months, daily snow removal from the approximately 1.6 miles of internal roadways necessary to access the external road system which is plowed clear to Exit 54.

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