Links on this page provide information relevant to those who are considering SnoCadia from the perspective of a place to live, as a builder of condominiums and single family residences and/or as a person who wishes to own, out right or fractionally, a four season vacation home or condo.

Aside from the great time one should have while living and recreating from within SnoCadia, two critical time periods occur when benefits and features of the property that one owns are of utmost and sobering importance—when one buys and when one sells. Links on this page provide you with facts pertinate to sound decision making directly relevant to both of those critical time periods and all of the wonderful time in between.

Known collectively as The Pass, Snoqualmie Pass is one of the largest ski areas in the United States. Its fantastic slopes and close proximity to the greater Puget Sound area makes it very popular with local skiers and snowboarders. More than one-half of the state’s population lives within a one-hour drive of Snoqualmie Pass.

Water and sewer facilities are limiting factors for any development on the Pass. SnoCadia has all required water and sewer hookups pre-approved for the project subject to a 15-year period within which to install and begin their use. Other new development will have to await the formulation, development and emplacement of additional water and sewer infrastructure. New commercial and residential areas are not being planned for the Pass. In fact, down zoning of some residential and commercial land use has occurred and is being further contemplated. SnoCadia is the only Planned Unit Development, (PUD), on Snoqualmie pass that has all water and sewer hookups required for its development and it has them approved. (see Projected Land Use and Zoning Maps).

SnoCadia is unique. It fronts a large natural forest, which is right outside your SnoCadia doorstep. If you love outdoor activities, this is a great spot from which to start and end a full day of Cascadian adventures on Snoqualmie Pass—any season of the year.

Some links on this page contain informative documents; others are linked to web sites, which extol virtues of natural resources and recreational infrastructure in the immediate area. Please consider these important facts as you consider becoming a SnoCadia property owner.

Predevelopment offering prices in the brochure link are related to single family building envelope pricing at $166,888 per building envelope. Condo envelopes are at a lesser price of $70,000 per envelope, but are available only in clusters of 10 Condo envelopes per cluster. It is envisioned that the condo clusters will be purchased by builders and/or investors who wish to avail themselves of the commercial zoning provisions for rental and fractional ownership sales.

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