SnoCadia is an emerging Planned Unit Development (PUD) on a 76.8 acre beautifully wooded site complete with more than one-half mile of Gold Creek meandering through it. The preliminary plat plan envisions a gated community with 112 single-family building envelopes, 110 condominiums supported, on its southern boundary, by over 260,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. The commercial zoning overlay of the entire project permits fractional dwelling unit ownership flexibility and commercial land uses to enhance livability. The PUD permitted clustered development enables land use planning to maximize preservation of natural site elements.

Development quality in SnoCadia will be attained and maintained by the selection and designation of six architectural firms and six building contractors. These firms will be the only firms authorized to design and to build in SnoCadia. This policy will maximize adherence to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC & R’s) initially set up by the developer and maintained by the Home Owners Association. SnoCadia will be a functioning year-round living environment.

Located in Washington State east of the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, a part of the Great Pacific Northwest’s Cascadian region, is the emerging SnoCadia PUD designed to preserve the character of its alpine location while providing an all season “homestead” for your special place in the midst of two National Parks, directly touching the boundary of the 10,000 acre gold valley, while providing an on-site base of operations for you to participate in a wide variety of available winter and summer sports and activities.

Half of the population of Washington State lives less than one-hour drive from SnoCadia, located just off of exit 54 on I-90. Look for Gold Creek on the north side of I-90, as it meanders through the eastern side of the SnoCadia. The southern boundary of SnoCadia, starting about 800 feet north of the U. S. Forest Service frontage road that bounds the north side of I-90, extends northward and is coterminous with the boundary of U. S. Forest Service Lands in the Gold Valley.

In the fall of 1977, German count, Michael Graf Von Honstein, recognized the special beauty of this Bavarian Alps look-alike setting and immediately purchased the 76.8 acre site. In September of 1978, Count Von Honstein was granted preliminary plat approval for a subdivision. Due to problems with water and sewer availability and the economic development cycle, he eventually sold the parcel-but his initial dream for an alpine community lived on.

In 1989, Kittitas County Commissioners granted new owners a Planned Commercial (PC) zoning classification on the parcel, (changed now to PUD zoning). Official land use map status of Commercial-Lodging land use was also granted and exists on the parcel. These important enhancements to zoning and land use rights further enable planning and development of the parcel to meet special site attributes and to underpin the quality development foundation planned for SnoCadia. Business conditions occasioned sale of the parcel in 2003 by the owners of this period who were not in the development business.

The current owner spent the four intervening years resolving outstanding legal, water, sewer and access issues which were precluding submission of official plans for development of the site. The project is now ready to proceed toward implementation.

SnoCadia’s new owner is a Washington State resident who, among other things, has developed and operates fly-fishing, sport and eco-adventure lodges in the Patagonia of South America. These lodges are reputed to be among the top five such lodges in the world. Yan Kee Way Lodge’s Latitude 42 Restaurant in Chile has been nominated as the best restaurant in Chile outside of Santiago and among the top four restaurants in the country of Chile. SnoCadia is envisioned to be a development, which will rival those projects in the Patagonia.

The preliminary plat plan was submitted to Kittitas County Community Development Service on November 14th, 2007. The preliminary plat plan is poised to be officially released for posting and review on the way to the next step of final plat approval. It is important to recognize that as a part of the review process the preliminary plat plan, as submitted and shown, could be modified in its final form.

Nothing is certain when forecasting the development completion date of a new project. SnoCadia is not dependent on a land use rezone and/or a change in land use in order to be developed as planned. It is subject to satisfaction of all necessary development requirements in the development code as it should be. It is anticipated that the final lots will be approved and officially for sale within twelve to eighteen months from December of 2007

Should you be asking yourself how you might become the owner of one of the limited numbers of single family or condo building envelopes, your best bet to make a place in SnoCadia your own is to make a reservation NOW!  A number of the single family and condo building envelopes are already off of the market. Please read the rest of the information on the web site to inform your self of our plans and intentions. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to development plans, delays and interruptions can and will occur more often than break through acceleration of plans. This web site will keep you informed of our progress.

If you’re interested in making a reservation to own a place of your own in SnoCadia, please read our Terms and Conditions, fill out the form and establish your opportunity be one of the very limited number of people who will be able to call SnoCadia their own.

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